Rajeev Hemmadi | Communications Design Consultant | Cipla

The greatest pleasure in working with a design group to create a logo is when the visual elements and the tagline lock together to form one perfect, indivisible unit. The Cipla HIV division’s tagline, None shall be denied, expressed the company’s commitment to enabling worldwide access to life-saving HIV drugs at affordable prices. mCube was tasked with developing a logo that would express this tagline, and delivered it admirably. 

The logo was developed more than a decade ago; for me, it will always be a memorable example of a simple, relevant, and elegant design solution.

Dr. Krishnarao Appasani, PhD | Founder, Vice-Chairman & CEO | Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

When we began the work on the project of branding 3 cities in Andhra Pradesh as science city, we were embarking on an ambitious journey. It was extremely essential that we had a symbol that represented everything that the project stood for and mCube gave us exactly that.  

I found that at mCube they really listen to clients’ needs and give appropriate feedback and incorporate changes to achieve the goal. The result we achieved is phenomenally good. We had a fantastic collaboration with mCube and the final product turned out absolutely great which is why there was no convincing required for even the Chief Minister. If you are looking for design assistance, look no further.

Divyanshu Sharma | Founder | BareMaximum

When we decided to start our nutrition bar brand, we wanted to work with a design company that could understand our goals but more importantly, the emotions that we wanted the brand to evoke and the team at mCube did exactly that. They did an outstanding job of understanding what we truly wanted to achieve.  When we decided to start our nutrition bar brand, we wanted to work with a design company that could understand our goals but more importantly the emotions that we wanted the brand to evoke and the team at mCube did exactly that. They did an outstanding job of understanding what we genuinely wanted to achieve.  

 They helped make our vision clear and crafted a perfect brand image for us. I have not met a more dedicated, sincere, and talented team than mCube. The work done by them has received tremendous appreciation from everyone who has seen our products. I am thankful to mCube and would recommend them to anyone looking for a branding agency.

Bhavesh Gandhi | Founder | The Polymath School

We were about to start Mumbai's first Project Based Learning School, and we needed someone who had the sensitivity, class, and willingness to toil long hours with us, to create our marketing campaign. We wanted the campaign to be genuine and heartfelt, and not feel like a typical sales pitch - verbose, but hollow.  After vetting many agencies, we finally settled with mCube. They created our logo, website, brochure, newspaper inserts, billboard designs, stationery - the whole enchilada. 

We were happy with how things turned out. Our logo, especially, was a true work of art.

Rachana Chandaria & Sachin Mamania | Managing Director & Director | Toddler’s Activity Centre

In our experience we found mCube to be very professional in their approach with a systematic way to build and create an identity. We were very satisfied with the outcome. Their work is very solid, creative but most importantly everlasting. The brand image they gave us 14 years ago continues to thrive even today, in 2022. 

 Through our collaboration we found them to be adventurous, flexible, professional, and highly creative. In our eyes, mCube is a creative powerhouse with a structural and professional approach to building one’s design requirements.

Pinank Valia | Partner | B.Odhavji

Having worked with mCube on multiple projects, I found them to be exceptionally good at what they do and creative in their work. The product I received from them was classy and beautiful and in our collaboration, I found them to be professional and diligent. For anyone looking for conceptually strong design work, I can vouch that mCube is skilled in bringing brand visibility via balancing the clients thoughts and by bringing the designer perspective.

Kapil Thirwani | Founder | munro

The words that come to mind when I think of munro’s collaboration with mCube are Tasteful, Thoughtful and thorough. What was unique to mCube is the knowledge and research to start with. But the execution prowess and the attention to detail that they brought to the project were outstanding. We absolutely love the product. It is a super mix of creative design and technical usability.  

 The design language is more than a play of shapes and figures. The design was well thought out and its very much appreciated by our clients who are in the creative fields.

Gautam Gandhi | CEO | ITsavvy

I have worked with mCube several times over the years. The team is fantastic to work with and their end products are highly creative, provide engaging experiences, and are extremely functional! In my experience, they do not give up until they have achieved the level of perfection required for the work.  

 If a client is looking for a partner to bring to life their product, service, or business in a way that connects deeply with their customers and provides for an ongoing connection, the only firm to work with is mCube.

Nipa Sheth | Owner | The Baking Co.

In 2020 I approached mCube Design to help me create a brand image that would encapsulate the essence of what I do, which is far beyond satisfying the sweet tooth. I wanted them to highlight the love I put in each item that comes out of my kitchen. I am extremely happy with what I received from them, the beauty of simplicity with a sprinkle of love and magic. Thank you mCube Design. I highly recommend them to whoever needs good conceptual design work.

Abhijata Iyengar | Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute

It has been a joy to get Rachana's help whenever we have sought it. She always gets the purport of our project in a jiffy and then goes on to design something that conveys our core ideas so beautifully. Her work always brings out more dimensions than what I usually expect in a 2-dimensional format. Her warm demeanour, her love for freshness and her creative genius together make her a joy to work with.

Vivek Vakil | Founder | Stack Pack

It was a wonderful experience working with Neha and mCube to produce a company name and logo for my packaging manufacturing company. The options provided were creative and catchy. Stack Pack is not only a name that is easy to remember but also something that is unique compared to my competitors. I loved how each option were presented with some context be it story or reference, mCube made it a tough task for me to select.  

I would strongly recommend mCube because they provide creative solutions that help convey the message about the brand. The adjectives that come to my mind when interacting with mCube would be creative intelligence!

Mushtaq Ahmed | Founder | Sure Energy

We had a wonderful experience working with mCube. They understood the company we were trying to build and worked with us closely to incorporate its essence in designing our brand collateral. The entire process was very personalized, and the product was intuitive, brilliant, and symbolic of our company.  

 If you engage mCube, you can be sure that they will bring out the uniqueness that is you and present it in a manner that appeals to everyone.

Ronny Sequeira | Founder | Ronny Sequeira Photography

My experience of working with mCube in one word is Innovative. mCube’s solution was so unique it promoted my brand and left a memorable impact on whosoever received it not because of the photography but more because of the concept which then elevated my art because it intrigued others. Collaboration with mCube was a memorable landmark of my career graph.  

If you are looking to scale up your brand look no further. 

Jinal Charla | Founder | Bewin Commercial Operations

There are dime-a-dozen designers in the market who would help you pack your products- but to create “The Design” or rather “The Creative”- you would need a creative and passionate designer who would first understand what you need, what the market would safely accept and improve the overall experience in the sell and buy transaction, more importantly, someone who knows how to touch a customer’s heart via design communication. - To me, mCube personifies just this.  

They are rock solid in their business practices and ethics and very easily understand what one would want to convey via branding and deliver something more than expected.

Urmee Mehta | Project Co-ordinator | Swadhaar FinServe

We worked with the mCube team on the Annual Reports for Swadhaar FinServe in 2012/13 and it was a wonderful and collaborative experience.  

When we started working on the Annual Report with the mCube team, it was a welcome surprise to find that they approached the project as so much more than a simple graphic design exercise - they were as invested and the process ended up being a great reflective exercise for the Swadhaar team as well. The final Reports are some of our most loved pieces of communication (even a decade later). Their conceptual narrative was honest and impactful, allowing us to tell the story using the vibrancy and colourful chaos of our client's urban settings in a beautiful manner with a display of information design and a reminder of why we existed as an organization.

Rupesh Banthia | Director | Manav Promoters Pvt. Ltd.

Working with mCube has been an amazing experience for us. The in-depth understanding and interest in the actual service, its target audience, its appeal and USP and then the usage of all this to communicate with the customers most effectively and creatively is really their strength. The creatively designed logos, brochures and ads have had the maximum recall value for our customers. It is truly a pleasure working with people who really love what they do and are so passionate about it.

Shubhangi Swarup | Novelist and Educationist | Hamara Footpath

At Hamara Footpath, we were a group of volunteers teaching Mumbai’s street children when we approached mCube for a logo. mCube listened to us patiently and deeply connected with our vision, and the outcome was something so simple and beautiful, it represented us in a way that words could not. The logo captured our essence, and all our aspirations.

Rohini Bopaana | Owner | Samaikya, Andhra Cuisine & Mishmash Resto-Bar

What we loved about mCube is that they dedicate themselves to a project in order to deliver exactly what the client wants and the brand needs. I never had to worry that the work would not meet my expectations. My reaction to their work most of the time was “WOW”.

Kanika Mehra | Founder

It has been 14 years since mCube designed a logo for my apparel brand. What they designed for me was not just an aesthetically designed logo, but something with meaning and depth behind it.  

mCube was able to capture the essence and give me something far beyond what I expected. What stood out for me was that they bothered to really listen to the client, they are very ethical in the way they work and so that built a lot of trust between us. 

Shraddha Shah | Vice President | Corporate Development

My experience- I was able to connect with the team. They took interest in knowing my personal story, my likes and dislikes and weaved the concept around it. Though unconventional, the design represented our values and culture and told the personal story beautifully. I was delighted with the product which was a splash bomb of creativity.

Trisha Phadke

My experience working with mCube was seamless, from brainstorming to delivery of our Wedding invitations. The concept and design were incredibly unique and unlike any, we had seen before. mCube did an excellent job of providing us with a result which was extremely memorable for myself and my husband, as well as our wedding guests.  

If you are seeking a design that is meaningful, collaborative, personalized and stands out from the rest, look no further.

Nita Joshi | Director | K&J Search Consultants

mCube’s work is fantastic. They gave us an innovative witty brand image. Their use of design, colour, ideas, creativity and refined aesthetic comes through so clearly in all their work. K&J is fortunate to have you working on our brand. Now I know who I will turn to for all design needs in the future.

Mansi Sheth | Founder | Mansi Sheth Design

When I ventured on my own, I approached mCube (having seen their rich body of work) to help me establish a brand that resonates with what I do, my own taste and my belief in working with garments and designs. mCube took the time to understand my thought process and requirement and produced a unique logo. It is indeed a privilege and an honour for those who aspire to work with mCube. The aesthetics, the style, the process, and the client engagement are something I truly admire.

Saurabh Kothari | Executive Director | Ceekay Daikin Limited

We were in the need of a new brochure as a handout to potential customers and we were glad to have come across mCube’s work at the right time.

and The concept they produced was fresh and at the forefront of their trade. Had it not been for them, we would have ended up with a dour and boring product. Thanks to them, the brochure was kick-ass, and informative with some amazing photographs. The brochure was loved by all, including our Japanese partners. We are absolutely thrilled that we went with mCube.